Strengthening Families and the Five Protective Factors

The Strengthening Families approach was developed by The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) after conducting research on early care and education programs across the country. Starting in 2001, the CSSP began documenting the role early education and care programs can have in the reduction of child abuse and neglect. As a result of this study, a new framework and approach to the prevention of abuse and neglect emerged. The researchers found a positive link between good early childhood education and care programs and the reduction of abuse and neglect.

This training will include a history of the Strengthening Families Approach, risk and protective factors, strategies to support families, and the early childhood educator self- assessment. Course participants will learn how to access and navigate the Strengthening Families tool, and will create an action plan for their programs based on the results of a self-assessment using the tool. In this on-line course, participants will have two weeks to complete course assignments on their own schedule.  The course includes pre-recorded PowerPoints, assignments, downloadable/printable handouts, the Strengthening Families Self-Assessment, contact with an instructor if needed, resources and a CEU certificate upon successful completion.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this training, participants should be able to:

Identify risk factors for child abuse and neglect
Summarize the elements of the Five Protective Factors as described in the Strengthening Families Program
Outline ways individual programs can help families develop protective factors through demonstrated practices
Complete the Strengthening Families self-assessment tool
Develop and implement an action plan for program improvement based upon Strengthening Families data

The Institute for Education and Professional Development, Inc.

The Institute for Education and Professional Development, Inc. was established in 2005 to provide professional development and consultation services to early childhood programs and educators. We work collaboratively with programs, educators, and agencies to improve the quality of education and care for young children and families.

IEPD has master instructors who provide training, coaching and mentoring services. Each of the IEPD instructors receives training on adult learning principles, training design and delivery, and evaluation. All of the IEPD instructors have worked in the field of early childhood education, bringing their own experiences and "lessons learned" to the training.

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